Clarified information on Zergelê massacre

ID information of 6 of the 8 civilians who lost their lives in the massacre committed by the Turkish state in Kandil’s Zergelê village have been clarified.

Turkish state’s warplanes bombed Zergelê village located in the Kandil region of Medya Defense Zones this morning at 04:00. 8 civilians lost their lives during the bombardment and 15 people got heavily injured. We had been informed that Mihemed Emin died during the bombardment, but he is in fact heavily injured and struggles to survive.

Here is the latest information we received regarding the ID information of 6 of the 8 civilians who were killed during the massacre: Salih Mihemed Emin, Karox Mihemed Emin, Heybet Mihemed Emin, Ayşe Xidir, Abdullah Kadir and Necip Rojhilat. We have not yet receved reports on the ID information of 2 other people who died in Zergelê.

The 15 injured survivors of the massacre were taken to hospitals in Hewler and Soran regions.