Body of Yasin Bulut sent to Qandil

The body of Yasin Bulut, the Kurdish politician killed in Sulaymaniyah on Friday morning, has been sent to Qandil. He will be buried there at the cemetery of martyrs.

The body of Yasin Bulut was sent to Qandil amid great sympathy. The burial of the politician is to take place at the cemetery of martyrs there, the PKK Solidarity Committee with the Families of Martyrs announced. Bulut, who had been a member of the committee for 15 years, was shot dead in the Kurdish metropolis of Sulaymaniyah early on Friday. The 64-year-old was on his way to a hospital when he was struck down by four shots by an as yet unknown person. The Kurdish movement assumes that it was a targeted assassination by the Turkish intelligence service MIT.

Before Yasin Bulut's coffin was brought in a long convoy on its way to the Qandil Mountains, an Islamic washing of the dead was performed in a mosque in the Serçinar district. After the 64-year-old's murder became known, people from Hewlêr, Kelar, Ranya, Halabja and other towns immediately set out to pay their last respects to Bulut. Masses accompanied the coffin wrapped in a PKK flag in a procession to Serçinar. "Martyrs are immortal" and "Down with treason" were shouted again and again.

Who was Yasin Bulut?

Yasin Bulut, who was also known as Şükrü Serhat, was born in 1957 in the province of Kars. In 1978, he joined the newly formed PKK. He was arrested after the military coup of September 12, 1980. He spent his prison years with numerous other PKK cadres in the notorious dungeon of Diyarbakir, the "Hell of Amed." After he was released in 1991, he took to the mountains.