Being brothers and sisters by killing and denying!

Erdoğan wants to take advantage of the crisis environment by supporting Hamas and opposing Israel, distorting the facts and muddying the water. His main concern is to continue the war against the Kurds and create an environment for his massacres.

The National Security Council (MGK) of the Turkish state meets at the end of each month and evaluates security problems. At the end of the meeting, a very short statement is made. And it is published in the press like the law of God. No one discusses or criticises it. For decades, the MGK has emphasised determination in the war against the Kurdish people. It is the main decision-making body that is hostile to the Kurds. However, it never uses the word ‘Kurd’. They state how effectively they will fight "against terrorism and separatism".

The rulers of the Turkish state absolutely do not want to use the term ‘Kurd’. They do not want Kurdishness to come to mind and be reflected in consciousness. Because their main goal is Kurdish genocide. Their main goal is to ignore the Kurdish people and to treat them as such. For this reason, even in the Turkish parliament, when Kurdish MPs utter a sentence in Kurdish, it is recorded in the minutes as an unknown language. Kurds and Kurdish must not appear in official documents and minutes. Because their equation is based on the denial of Kurds and their erasure from history.

Even when the Kurds resisted and broke the denial, there was no change in their attitude. Does Bahçeli, the partner of the current government, the one who is leading the war and the government, ever use the term Kurdish? Definitely not. When he does, he always uses it in a bad sense, to attack parties like the HDP. Erdoğan also says "my Kurdish brothers and sisters" when he gets stuck. What kind of brotherhood is it that he brags about killing the young people of those brothers and sisters? Does one ban or ignore the language and will of one's brother? In the 21st century, Kurds are deprived of even the right to education in their mother tongue. The results of elections that Kurds contested and won according to Turkish law are ignored. Their MPs and mayors are imprisoned and sentenced as "separatist and secret organisation members". All their municipalities are seized by the state and trustees are appointed.

The lie that Kurds are not discriminated against and everyone is equal in Turkey has become a template. The mad and the sane, military and civilian alike keep repeating the same refrain. However, these lies do not change the facts in the constitution. They do not have the power to change it. The constitution states that everyone who is a Turkish citizen is a Turk. Kurds are also Turks since they are citizens. These constitutional provisions have been in place for decades. Did Erdoğan and others ever say ‘Let's change this article, denial does not comply with the law of brotherhood’? Has anyone ever heard such a statement from Erdoğan? No. Then the talk of brotherhood is nothing but a lie.

In Turkey, there is only one option to be brothers and sisters and equals with Turks. That is to be a Turk. Kurds can be brothers and sisters when they accept to be Turks. But when they become Kurds, they can only be "separatists, terrorists and enemies". For this reason, every MGK meeting declares that "separatist and terrorist activities will be fought against at home and abroad with determination".

Erdogan invaded Afrin. Of course, this could not have been done without the support and approval of international powers. Russia, in particular, agreed with Erdogan and opened the airspace of the region to Turkey. The USA and Europe were content with watching these attacks. They approved. After the occupation, Afrin residents were subjected to ethnic cleansing. Their assets and properties were plundered and taken away from them. There is no evil that has not befallen them and no crime against humanity that has not been committed. What did Russia do? Nothing. Then, Trump, in agreement with Erdogan, opened areas like Serêkaniyê to occupation. Kurds were expelled from there, too. They disseized Kurdish property and settled gangs from outside, their families and others in their place. With this, they took measures to prevent the Kurds from returning to their places. It is clear that this plan is a genocide.

Erdogan attends the summit of Arab and Islamic countries. He rants against Israel! Iraq and Syria are also members of the Arab League. There is Turkish occupation in both countries. The occupation is gradually expanding. The Turkish state has not stopped its attacks. In this situation, the Arab countries should have taken a stand and prevented Erdogan from speaking. But there is no such stance! Moreover, Erdogan meets with Iraqi and Syrian officials and asks them to support the new attacks and to join the war against the Kurds. Like a thief, he tries to put the countries he occupied under pressure and make them a partner in his Kurdish enmity.

Erdoğan proudly declares that he has killed more than thirty thousand Kurds since 2015. ‘I have destroyed more Kurds than any other government,’ he says. By killing Kurds and their youth, he weaves the bonds of brotherhood! Would those who want to live together with the Kurds and take brotherhood as a basis kill tens of thousands of them? Would killing or reconciliation be more in line with brotherhood? Unless there is an opposition and a democratic movement in Turkey that asks this question and discusses the problems seriously, they will continue to shed blood and invest billions of dollars in planes and bombs.

Erdoğan wants to take advantage of the crisis environment by supporting Hamas and opposing Israel, distorting the facts and muddying the water. His main concern is to continue the war against the Kurds and create an environment for his massacres. He is also investing in the elections with propaganda over the blood of Palestinians!

Source: Ronahi Newspaper