Baghdad and Arbil agree on border gates and airports

The Iraqi government and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) agreed on the control of border gates and airports.

According to ANF Turkish Service, Iraqi central government and KRG will establish a joint commission for customs and administration of international airports which will be headed by Iraqi officials.

Iraqi and Kurdish personnel will be working in the airports but the control will be transferred to Baghdad.

The compromise was reached in a meeting between two sides in Arbil to discuss the resumption of international flights at Kurdistan airports and controversial issues between the two sides.

Both sides are now working on the details of the agreement.

Iraqi central government demands control of international entry points, customs, airports, and dams in the Kurdish region.

On September 28, Baghdad imposed a ban on international flights at the airports of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, following the referendum on independence that was held during the same month.