Bab Council member: Turkish jets killed 4 civilians and 10 combatants

Yesterday's strikes by Turkish jets in Shehba region killed 4 civilians and and 10 combatants of Army of Revolutionaries.

Bab Council member Mihemed Abdulrezak spoke to Ronahi TV about the Turkish army's most recent aggression on Rojava land.

Abdulrezak stated that Turkish fighter jets conducted airstrikes on Um Hosh, Um Qura and Al-Hassia villages that had been liberated by revolutionary forces from ISIS as a result of an operation yesterday.

Abdulrezak said the airstrikes aimed to stop the revolutionary forces' advance against ISIS gangs.

The aggression targeting civilian settlements in villages lasted hours, leaving 4 civilians dead and dozens of others wounded.

The aerial attack also targeted the positions of Army of Revolutionaries, as a result of which 10 combatants were martyred and several others were wounded.

Abdulrezak underlined that their fight and advance will continue until the entire Shehba region is cleansed of gang groups despite the attacks of the Turkish army, affiliated gangs and ISIS.