Another kolber killed by Iranian forces in Shino

Iranian regime forces have killed yet another kolber in Shino city of Urmia province, Eastern Kurdistan.

The Iranian regime has recently increased its attacks on Kolbers (workers who carry weight on their backs for a daily stipend), and targeted them again in Shino city of Urmia province.

A repeated attack last night claimed the life of a kolber by the name of Êzedîn Xalidî Karaw.

On the other hand, another kolber by the name of Luqman Hekîmî is reported to have gotten badly wounded after stepping on a mine on the border between Eastern (Rojhilat) and Southern (Bashur) Kurdistan.

Iranian forces killed one kolber in Kêlaşîne village of Shino yesterday, and fined 20 kolbers after confiscating their properties and loads in Dolebî village in Sardasht city of the Urmia province.