Another curfew in Şapatan, scene of mass torture by state forces

Curfew has been declared in Şemdinli’s Şapatan village that came up recently with a mass torture incident where Turkish special operations police and soldiers tortured several inhabitants one month ago.

Hakkari Governorate has declared a curfew in Şapatan (Altınsu) village, Dereboyu and Elde neighborhoods and İncesu hamlet in Şemdinli district of Hakkari. According to the related statement of the Governorate, the curfew has been imposed due to a military operation and will be in place for 7 days.

In the meantime, the wildfire started by Turkish military attacks in the curfew zone continues for the 14th day.

In an operation launched on August 6 night by the Turkish army and police forces in Şapatan, a village with a population of 2000, the village was surrounded after one special operations police officer was killed. 36 villagers were tortured and detained by state forces. Entry to and exit from the village was banned and the detainees were subjected to further torture in the district police headquarters. 20 out of the 36 people with marks of torture on their bodies were released after they were processed in the police headquarters.

A resident of the village, Necmettin Korkmaz, told after the incident that: “They tied my hands to the panzer and dragged me some 500 meters up the village, until the headman’s home. I was not allowed to stand up. Every time I tried they kicked me. I wasn’t allowed to speak, to shout or to scream.”

Korkmaz said the whole village was beaten en masse, and continued: “There were people waiting for us by the entrance of the police headquarters. They said ‘the guests have arrived’. They beat everybody. They told us we would not be able to leave.”