AKP working on a law draft to legalize the murder of Kurds

The ruling AKP government of Turkey has taken an action to grant legal assurance for the state forces committing a massacre in the Kurdish region.

It has emerged that the AKP government is currently working on a law draft to ensure a kind of impunity for Turkish security members mobilized against the civilian population in North Kurdistan under the name of “fight against terror”.

According to the law draft which the Ministry of National Defence has conveyed to the Ministry of Justice, prosecution of TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) staff engaged in crimes in the Kurdish region will be depended on a permission from the Prime Minister and the Ministry of National Defence.

Soldiers of the Turkish military activated in North Kurdistan will thus not be subject to a direct investigation in relation to the crimes they have perpetrated. Prosecutors handling related cases will primarily demand a permission from the Ministry of National Defence for prosecution which will furthermore require an approval by the Prime Minister. Prosecutors will not be able to take or resume any legal action without getting a permission from both authorities.

An enactment of the mentioned law draft will help the government legalize the crimes committed against people in the Kurdish region.