Activists in Van: We will resist until the isolation ends

Activists on hunger strike in Van said, “A protest by 7.000 people should not be seen as a simple thing, and shouldn’t be faced with silence.”

The protest launched in Van to support the hunger strikes launched by DTK Co-chair Leyla Guven against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan continues. After the first 9 person group ended their 3 day protest that started on April 11, another group of 10 people took over.


Hunger striker Emrah Koc said, “We share the demands of Leyla Guven and other hunger strikers so they don’t lose their lives.”

Hunger striker Seyit Kilic said the world is witnessing an unprecedented protest and added: “We are showing our support to add our voice to their protest. This is a protest that has seen an unprecedented attendance. Our people shouldn’t see this protest by 7.000 people as a simple thing, and shouldn’t remain silent. The government ruling over the country attempts to repress such protests for their own interests. They will have to face this at some time and their conscience won’t be clear. The government must abandon this strict attitude at once.”


Hunger strikers Reber Varhan and Ziyadin Diker said the isolation must end and added: “We will resist for that, and we will never lose our resilience.”