A guerrilla fighter from Afrin in Dersim

PKK fighter Samiye Oso from Afrin fell a martyr in Dersim on 4 July 2007.

Samiye Oso (Binevş Rubari), who was born in Afrin in 1979 and raised in Aleppo, joined the ranks of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) in 1992. After two years, she took her way to the mountains of Kurdistan where she stayed in the areas of Heftenîn, Qendîl, Zap, Xinêrê, Xakurkê and Metîna.

Before her leave for Dersim, in northern Kurdistan, she tells the following on her 12 years in Kurdistan mountains; “It was indeed a period of great challenges and historic years for the organization itself. Difficulties were experienced as much as strong developments. I was a witness of times when war was the most intense and the organization faced with difficulties. I don’t know how all those years have passed. It was so intense, with so many developments and changes in itself…”


While getting ready to leave for Dersim in 2006, Rubari tells that there are indeed difficult and emotional times for every guerrilla fighter, noting that she made great experiences during the course of time. She continues; “I do not know what the future keeps for us, or what I will come across but I have a great feeling of trust, which I got from both the organization itself and the Leader. Trust is a must for the guerrilla. One must first trust in himself, so as to give trust to anything he will do. Trust yourself first.


No matter where I might go, I could simply join the works and endeavor. During all those years, I have made great experiences in military, political and practical sense. I feel ready for any move and break. The launch of this campaign in 2006 spring, and our participation in it is a great occasion. It is important to undertake a role and mission in this process. We are hopeful and we got prepared accordingly.  


With my march, I will try to give morale, strength and answer to my people who are experiencing repression and atrocity every day. I believe that our people will be standing with us to the very end. We can sacrifice our lives more than a hundred times for this kind of a folk. Whatever we might give to a this much resilient folk will never suffice.”

Binevş Rubari (Samiye Oso) fell a martyr while on her way to an operation against an outpost in Dersim on 4 July 2007.