50-year-old man: I was tortured by state forces for 4 hours

Ahmet Göksu was tortured and detained in a house raid in Karayazı. He said he lost hearing in his left ear and added: “They tortured me for 4 hours. They hit me with the butts of their guns and with sticks.”

Mehmet Göksu (80) and his son Ahmet Göksu (50) were tortured and detained in the operation carried out with over a thousand soldiers and police and dozens of armored vehicles in Yahya neighborhood of Karayazı, Erzurum. The father and son are being held in different police stations. His family visited Mehmet Göksu in the Yenişehir Police Station and said he was doing well.

The family also said that after the visit, Göksu’s deposition started in the station.


The family later visited Ahmet Göksu in the Gölbaşı Police Station and said Göksu gave the following account: “My left ear has lost hearing. They hit me for 3-4 hours in the house. They tied my arms behind my back and blindfolded me, torturing me for 4 hours. They hit me with the butts of their guns and with iron sticks. One of the soldiers who hit me had his face in the open, the other two were wearing masks. They also broke a bone in my head with a butt.”


The family said Göksu was taken to the hospital and added: “There were bruises and scratches on his face and down his head. His eyes were still swollen and blue. The scratches and bruises on his back were still visible.”