4 wounded as Turkish jets bomb civilians in South Kurdistan

Yet another attack by the Turkish army against civilians in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Turkish fighter jets have carried out bombardments on villages in Qandil, as well as Xakurke and Bradost areas in South Kurdistan this morning. 

Air raids targeted the civilian settlements in the villages of Sile and Bole in Qandil region at 07:30 local time.

Two houses were greatly damaged by the bombardments in Bole village and 4 civilians were wounded. One of these, named Ehmed Ebdullah, is reported to be in critical condition.

Following the air raids, reconnaissance planes are flying over the region.
Xakurkê and Bradost areas were shelled by Turkish jets at 09:30 local time.

On the other hand, reports are coming through of reconnaissance activities over Wertê and Qesrê towns in Choman district of Hewler.

Reports are coming through of Turkish warplanes activity over the Martyr Rüstem Cudi Refugee Camp in Maxmur since early this morning.