32 soldiers of the Syrian regime killed in Hesekê

At least 32 soldiers of the Syrian regime were killed and 33 others were taken captive during clashes in Hesekê city of Rojava, West Kurdistan.

Clashes that erupted with the provocative attacks of Syrian regime forces on Hesekê on August 16, are ongoing. YPG/Asayish/HPC forces are inflicting heavy blows on regime forces.

According to reports obtained from YPG sources, dozens of regime soldiers were killed and a number of locations have been cleansed of regime forces during clashes ongoing in Mesakin, Neşwa and Xiwêran neighborhoods since yesterday.

During yesterday's fighting, 29 regime soldiers were killed in three separate locations and one DShK heavy machine gun of the regime forces was destroyed in city centre.

33 other regime soldiers including 12 high-ranking were taken captive in Neshwa neighborhood to the east of Mount Kizwan.

In the meantime, 3 regime soldiers were killed and 4 others were wounded in clashes in the same area. YPG forces took control over a strategic hill held by the regime, and seized one truck and 2 pick-up vehicles from regime forces.

On the other hand, clashes continue in Xiwêran neighborhood which has been encircled by YPG units.