20 homes raided, at least 7 detained in Van

Special operations police have conducted almost 20 house raids in several neighborhoods in Van’s Ipekyolu district. At least 7 people were detained.

The police raided almost 20 houses in Van’s Ipekyolu (Reya Armûşê) district Hacibekir (Xacort) neighborhood and detained many people. Sources say the police first blockaded the neighborhood in the evening hours. Then in early morning, masked special operations policemen tore down the doors and raided some houses. Many houses turned out to be empty, whereas Süleyman Çetin, Ali Aslan, Nedri Aslan, Fuat Abi, Cindi Abi, Mazlum Gür and Sinan Yetiş were detained in other houses. The detainees were taken to Van Security Directorate.

Cindi Abi was detained by the police after their door was broken down. His wife Sultan Abi said: “At 4 a.m. masked policemen tore down our door and rushed in. They pointed automatic rifles towards us and detained my husband. My children were very scared. My husband is detained unjustly. We want this pressure to end already.”