2 injured as state forces attack people with real bullets in Gever

People marching against AKP’s siege and genocidal attacks in Gever were attacked by real bullets. 2 people were injured in the soldiers’ attack.

Turkish soldiers attacked the people who wanted to march to the district from Dara, Serdeşt, Pagê, Kaport, Tilora, Kûçe and Yekmal villages in the old airport area to break the siege of the state in Hakkari’s Yüksekova (Gever) district center. The soldiers blocked the road with armored vehicles and raked the crowd. Villagers Adnan Dara and Mikail Karahan were injured in the attack and taken to a nearby village by the villagers for treatment. The blockade on the road and the resistance of the villagers continue.


Esendere (Bajirgeh) district road from which 2 thousand people marched to the center was also blocked by AKP forces.

Gever district center is closed off with armored vehicles and soldiers emptied sand bags onto district entrances and blocked the road. The villagers have put up barricades on the road between the two centers.