10 more people detained in Duhok

10 people protesting for the release of those detained in Duhok, Sheladize and Sire, have been taken into custody.

More than 80 people were taken into custody in Duhok, Sheladize, Sire and some other regions in southern Kurdistan after the uprising of January 26 when people of Sheladize stormed a Turkish military base in protest at the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state.

16 people are still in custody. 3 of the detainees are held in Duhok and 13 others in Sirka Prison.

Asayish (security) forces attacked a group who protested for the release of those in custody. 10 people including a journalist were taken into custody.

9 of the detainees are reported to be members of the New Generation Movement, while the journalist is an employee of NRT TV.