Sami Elvan: Hands off our children

Sami Elvan, uncle of Gökhan Güneş, who disappeared four days ago, said that the Minister of Interior was responsible for the kidnapping of his nephew and added: "Take your hands off our children".

23-year-old Gökhan Güneş was kidnapped by unidentified people after leaving the bus he had taken to go to his workplace in Başakşehir, Istanbul. There has been no news about him since 20 January. Despite the footage of the kidnapping recorded by security cameras, the lack of explanation by state officials is causing concerns. His uncle, Sami Elvan, who has been struggling to get news of his nephew for 4 days, spoke to ANF.

Sami Elvan is the father of 14-year-old Berkin Elvan, who was seriously injured when a gas canister fired by the police hit his head during the Gezi Park resistance. Berkin Elvan died after staying in a coma for 269 days. Now Elvan holds the Minister of Interior responsible for his nephew's kidnapping and draws attention to the fact that young people who oppose this government are being taken off the scene one by one.

"If there is a crime, there is the law of the Republic of Turkey, they say. Then why are they forcibly disappearing people?” asks Elvan, adding that what is happening is resembling the dark years of the 1990s in Turkey.

Elvan said: "The deputy chairman of an opposition party is lynched in the middle of the street, people are thrown from helicopters, or kidnapped in broad daylight. You may like the political view of the people, you may not like it, but you cannot do that." Pointing out that there is no security for life at the point reached, Elvan drew attention to the fact that everyone is afraid and risks death at this stage.

This country is like a lorry with no brakes

Elvan likened the country to a lorry with no brakes, and added that the government becomes more and more aggressive if it feels it can rule. "The government takes our taxes, but instead of making life easier, it beats people up, silences them, takes away our lives.” Stating that the police, who should ensure the safety of the society, are almost acting as the hit man of the ruling political party, Elvan emphasized that it is not possible to accept this.

"Bring my nephew back safe and sound"

Elvan said that Gökhan knew the pain of his parents very well. He added that he is living the same pain he has been living for 7 years. He said, "Take your hands off our children. They murdered my perfectly healthy child. I cannot even think that such a thing has happened to my nephew Gökhan right now; they should bring him back to us safe and sound."

Underlining that nobody will live safe in a country where there is no justice, Elvan called on everyone to show sensitivity and [to the authorities] to explain what happened to his nephew Gökhan Güneş.