Violation of rights in Patnos prison continues

Prisoner Çekdar Ödüngit in Patnos said that his wards were raided every day and ill prisoners were not taken to the hospital on time. A prisoner who was released late lost his ability to speak.

Çekdar Ödüngit, who is held in L Type Closed Prison in Agirî's Panos (Patnos) district, talked about the rights violations he experienced in a phone call with his family. Ödüngit's brother, Hevidar Ödüngit, said that his brother told him that their cells were raided every day. Noting that books and belongings were distributed during the raid, Hevidar Ödüngit said that his brother told her: "They seized many of our belongings and made others unusable."

'Let's be the voice of the prisoners'

Hevidar Ödüngit’s brother said: "They do not take ill prisoners to the hospital in Patnos Prison on time. When they do, they cause difficulties." Hevidar Ödüngit said his brother told her that those outside should "give voice to those who are behind four walls."

Prisoner released late lost the ability to speak

68-year-old Cemal Tanhan, who had been in prison for 30 years, was kept in jail despite his serious illness and was released only after he suffered a stroke.

His daughter, Ayşe Tanhan, explained that her father's health condition was deteriorating, and she said: "My father has lost his ability to speak."