‘Roboski is a shame, a bleeding wound and a quest of justice’

Justice in these lands could only be served through Roboski, said the Justice for Roboski Initiative in a statement marking the 117th month after the Roboski massacre.

The Justice for Roboski Initiative held a press conference to mark the 117th month after the massacre which killed 34 people, including 19 children, as a result of Turkish aerial attacks in the Roboski village of Şırnak in December 2011. Tanju Gündüzalp, a member of the Justice for Roboski Initiative, read out the press statement at the Ankara office of the Human Rights Association (IHD).

Gündüzalp said that there will be no justice in Turkey without shedding light on the Roboski massacre. “We all have been demanding justice for 117 months. Since that night, there has been no law and justice, and everyone has remained silent during the 509 weeks. The last 3,563 days have seen no justice as impunity prevails.

The laws are impartial and require judging those guilty and the innocent according to this legal system. If a crime is committed, the punishment is clear. However, there has been no punishment and justice for the crimes committed so far. The tradition of impunity, negligence of the law, protection of the state officials, which trigger more massacres, have been put into practice for Roboski by invisible hands.”


“Despite official denial, public conscience demands peace and justice. The root of the issue is the state, impunity and the lack of justice. If no light is shed on Roboski massacre, there will be no demilitarization or democratization in the country's politics. We will call out to everyone who asks the question ‘What can I do as a human being?’ on the 28th day of each month. The Roboski massacre is an ordeal for the state and government. Peace and justice will be achieved in these lands through Roboski. Roboski is a shame, a bleeding wound and a quest for justice in these lands.”