Kurdish refugee ends his own life in Greek camp, protests continue

It has been reported that the body of Kurdish refugee Ibrahim Ergün, who ended his life to protest the conditions of detention in the Corinth refugee detention center in Greece, will be sent to Muş.

24-year-old refugee Ibrahim Ergün had been detained in the Korinth refugee detention center for 17 months.

The hearing held on 28 March decided the continuation of the detention of the refugee. It was reported that the Kurdish refugee took his life to protest this decision.

Journalist Çağdaş Kaplan said on Twitter: "It was learned that the name of the Kurdish refugee who committed suicide to protest his detention is Ibrahim Ergün."

After the tragedy, protests started in the detention center. Some parts of the center were set on fire.

Journalist Kaplan said: “After the autopsy, Ergün's body will be sent to his hometown of Muş. Athens Kurdish Cultural Center and anti-racist groups will hold a press release in front of the Greek parliament at 6 pm on Monday. The government's anti-refugee policies will be protested.”