IHD demands investigation into child suicides

The Human Rights Association demanded an investigation into child suicides.

The Human Rights Association (IHD) Children's Rights Commission, issued a press release demanding an investigation into child suicides.

According to the 2022 data released by Turkish Statistic Institute (TÜIK) out of a total of 4,146 suicide cases, 81 were kids aged 15, and 410 were children aged 15-19. That meant that a total of 491 children lost their lives due to suicide in 2022. In 2021, it was reported that 71 children under the age of 15 and 377 children aged 15-19 committed suicide.

The IHD statement underlined that they have been closely monitoring the alarming increase in child and youth suicides across Turkey in the past couple of years with concern. "Statistical data reveals a 40% increase in child suicides in the last two years. Upon detailed examination of these data, it is observed that suicides among girls are more prevalent in some regions."

The statement added: "Child suicides can develop due to the adverse effects of economic, social, and cultural structures, as well as pressures created by war and conflict environments, leading to feelings of oppression, siege, hopelessness, and worthlessness. In child suicides in Turkey, factors such as economic poverty, forced early marriages, and child sexual abuse are known to have a significant impact. Furthermore, the ongoing conflict, bans, and societal tension in Kurdish provinces are known to contribute to insecurity and hopelessness, affecting suicides. All recent child suicides, especially those in Cizre, should be thoroughly investigated. Policies empowering children should be prioritized by identifying the economic, social, and psychological reasons that lead children to suicide.

Child suicides should be investigated. Conventions related to children's rights should be implemented."