Human Rights Network’s report on Iran’s attacks

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network has prepared a report on Iran’s attacks against Shaho and Hawraman.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network published the report they prepared on attacks and operations by Iranian forces against the rural areas of the Shaho Mountain and the Hawraman region.

The report said, “The Shaho and Kosalan Mountains stretch between Kirmishan’s Rewandiz and Pawe districts, and cover Sine’s Kamiran and Mariwan regions. The Shaho and Kosalan Mountains are in the Kurdistan region, and cover a total of 57.236 hectares of land.”

The report continued.


“Iranian Pasdaran (Revolutionary Guards) have turned the Shaho and Kosalan Mountains into military and operation zones for the last 10 years. They have destroyed large swathes of land and forests in their attacks and operations.

The Pasdaran see the Shaho and Kosalan Mountains’ region as a strategic zone for Rojhilat (Eastern) Kurdistan. They want to push the people living there out and confiscate the land


Recently, Iranian Pasdaran launched an operation against the Shaho and Kosalan Mountains with 20.000 soldiers. The operation resulted in most of the Shaho Mountain burning down.

Sine state officials say the operation isn’t carried out in forest land, arguing that there are just rocks there.

The area under mortar fire and bombings is where mountain goats live.

Iranian Pasdaran say the operation has ended, but the military forces are still in the area.”