HPG pays tribute to guerrilla Şervan Varto

Şervan Varto was killed in the operation against the base of the Turkish occupation forces at Girê Cûdî in the Zap region. The HPG honors the Rojhilat-born guerrilla fighter as a selfless and courageous Kurdistan militant.

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) Press Center has published the identity of guerrilla fighter Şervan Varto, who died in the revolutionary Operation Şehîd Doğa Viyan last Saturday. The HPG reported his death one day after the operation in the Girê Cûdî resistance area in the Zap region. In the obituary published today, detailed information was given about the person and biography of the fallen man, who came from Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan/West Iran). The HPG honor Şervan Varto as a self-sacrificing and determined apoist militant who fought courageously and professionally for freedom and went down in Kurdish resistance history.

  Codename: Servan Varto

  First and last name: Adil Ali Muradi

  Place of birth: Ciwanro

  Names of mother and father: Atiye – Muhammed Ali

  Date and place of death: February 17, 2024 / Zap

Şervan Varto was born in Ciwanro (Javanrud) and grew up aware of his Kurdish identity, the HPG reports. He lived for a long time in a mountain village away from capitalist influences and there he met guerrillas for the first time who made a great impression on him. Because he was attracted to the guerrilla's collective way of life and selfless fight for freedom, he wanted to join immediately. For various reasons, he was not able to realize this wish so quickly and it was only in 2015 that he found the opportunity to leave his old life behind and finally go to the mountains.

Şervan Varto completed his basic training as a guerrilla in Qandil. He internalized the culture and ethics within the PKK and quickly developed ideologically and militarily. His first practice took place on a peak in the Qandil Mountains, after which he worked with great care and responsibility for about a year and a half on building the strategic infrastructure.

In the wake of the Turkish army's increasing attacks on the Medya Defense Areas, Şervan Varto went into the war zone and, from 2021, took part in the resistance against the occupation of the Metîna, Zap and Avaşîn regions in a specialized unit. Most recently, he fought with great anger and conviction in the western Zap region. He took part in the operation on 17 February with a self-sacrificing attitude and determinedly advanced into the enemy positions. The HPG declare that Şervan Varto dealt a serious blow to the Turkish occupiers and “proved to friends and foes that no occupying army can stand against the professional guerrillas.”