HDP Buldan: Join the Saturday Mothers on their 700th action

The HDP co-chair has written a moving article in support of the Saturday Mothers she knows so well

HDP co-chair, Pervin Buldan, published a long article in Yeniyasam to call on everyone to join the 700th action by the Saturday Mothers this Saturday, in Galatasaray square, Istanbul. 

“The fight of the Saturday Mothers (people) - wrote Buldan - is the struggle of humankind. And the longest quest for justice in this land. 

Saturday Mothers are a matter of conscience! It is not just help but justice! It is not a claim but a matter of truth. If a life goes by, it burns the place where the fire falls, it burns the love. 

But if a soul is slaughtered, lost, disappeared (in the hands of the state) that fire will burn the whole society”.

Buldan added: “The disappearances and murders have been labelled as unsolved to make them the individual problems of their close relatives. But they are not. They are not just the problem of the Saturday Mothers. They are everyone’s problem, everyone who feels he/she belongs to this country”. 

Galatasaray Square was created 23 years ago, remembered Buldan, calling on people to gather in the square this Saturday.

Buldan is herself a Saturday Mothers and in the early 2000’s founded the association of relatives of the disappeared people, Yakay-Der.