Guerrilla Hebûn Kato: "We will not leave Avaşîn to the enemy"

Guerrilla Hebûn Kato is part of the mobile fighting units of the guerrillas in Avaşîn. She says: “We will not leave Avaşîn to the enemy. The women will put an end to this invasion."

Since 23 April, the Turkish state has been trying to occupy the southern Kurdish Medya Defense Areas of Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna. The Turkish army wanted to encircle Avaşîn and hit the guerrillas, but this plan didn't work.

The guerrillas continue to fight successfully in war tunnels, but also with highly mobile guerrilla units, against the invasion troops. The fighters of the People's Defense Forces HPG and the women's guerrilla YJA Star use different tactics to hit the enemy, from heavy weapons, to sniper actions and infiltration of Turkish positions.

Immediately before an action, Hebûn Kato, a member of a mobile guerrilla unit in Avaşîn, said in an interview with ANF: “The enemy's operation in Avaşîn has been going on for a long time. The enemy has positioned itself in various areas. We are trying to drive them out of Avaşîn. The guerrillas inside the tunnels show the greatest courage and the most intense commitment. But some of our comrades have fallen. We will take revenge on our fallen friends and not leave Avaşîn to the enemy.”

Guerrilla Kato continued: “The invasion troops used all kinds of weapons, including chemical ones. This is how they wanted to penetrate our lands. But so far they have not achieved anything. We will not allow them to be successful. This is our time, winter is ahead. We will inflict heavy blows on the enemy and throw the occupiers from this country."

Guerrilla Kato says about the role of women in the resistance: “The courage of women was again evident in Avaşîn. The attitude that the friends displayed, despite all the difficulties and impossibilities, was really something different. There wasn't even a spark of fear in the minds of women. On the contrary, with their courage, the women gave strength to the friends at their side and showed them the way. Women in particular led this resistance. I believe that it is women who will finish this invasion operation. All the guerrillas of the YJA Star have fulfilled their role and mission. And we will continue to do so. As a member of the YJA Star, I say we will drive the enemy out of Avaşîn!"