Commander Esmer, a story of comradeship in the PKK

Commander Esmer is one of many heroes among the martyrs of Heftanin. Her comrades are running towards victory in Heftanin with Esmer’s determination and morale.

"PKK comradeship is to think about your comrade before thinking about yourself, to make sacrifices," comrade Esmer used to say. She continues her journey among many heroes who have reached eternity...

It is undoubtedly meaningful companionships that makes guerrilla life meaningful and connects each guerrilla like the links of a chain.

It is a great curiosity for everyone: "How are the guerrillas of freedom resisting against fascist, colonial forces in such a heavy war, especially in the difficult conditions of nature, on the top of the mountains, what is the source of such eternal will?"

They say that the simplest and most concise answer to this is "comradeship". PKK comradeship is a life reality filled with great values.

While writing about the comradeship of the PKK, it is necessary for me to talk about comrade Esmer, one of the leading commanders I knew in Heftanin, one who left a mark on me. She is a noble and genuine woman at the center of the resistance in Heftanin, where the world is witnessing a unique guerrilla resistance against the invading, fascist Turkish state. It is unique because Heftanin is the place where epics of resistance are being written step by step. It is the place where the will, faith, and devotion to the land stop the sophisticated war technology used, and where the invaders experience great defeat. It is where the resistance, led by women, will win. Heftanin is the lodge of Esmer, Nûcan and Evin.

In the historic resistance in Heftanin, the Kurdish people's guards have showed the world an epic resistance in which they are ready to sacrifice themselves at any time for the freedom of this people. The ongoing resistance affects everyone. In the person of Esmer, one of the commanders of Battle of Heftanin, each freedom fighter who does not allow the invaders to pass, in fact, lives the revolution during the struggle; they smile at the moment of action, in the excitement they live in the most difficult conditions. In the great war in Heftanin since 2019, we were also experiencing the excitement of reaching every position, feeling that every moment of freedom had to be told and made history. The last area we went to was Şeşdara, a strategic area that we call "women's place". Here were the positions that were defended under the leadership of a straight commander, comrade Esmer.

After a very long journey, the desire to see someone was growing. The spring rains were preparing to give way to the brightly shining stars later in the day. It was dark but we still couldn't see anybody. In fact, they were everywhere, but the long paths tired us a bit, now we had stop to rest under a tree. We decided that it would be a good idea to wait for the first lights of the day instead of going further, as the area in which we are moving was close to the battle front. Thinking about the unit that we needed to reach with comrade Siyajin, we were dreaming that the shining stars represented each warrior. At that moment, Esmer friend came to my mind, she was the commander of the war positions that we were going to visit. Once again I recall it, my friends jokingly reminded that when they said, "We will take you from the front and put you somewhere in the back, it is better to continue your work there," and comrade Esmer also took an insistent stance, saying "I can never leave the positions, I should be there." She looked as noble and loving as she was determined. I was trying to warm up with the warmth of comrade Esmer in the cold penetrating inside me, and I jumped out of my seat with the sound of footsteps and the word 'Heval' said by Esmer friend.

In this situation, I was once again witnessing that the guerrilla had an incredible life. First of all, we started off again after some confusion. We asked, "Where are you coming from, heval Esmer", she said she visited friends in other positions and now she was on the way to the other group. She was trying so hard to take care of us while moving forward together. I was saying, I need to get to know this friend better.

When we arrived, after a hot guerrilla tea, we were continuing to chat without noticing the late hour of the night as we had finally warmed up. Seeing a commander so loyal to her comrades was the simplest way to explain why the PKK is an indestructible force.

Heval Esmer, with her awareness was very concentrated in organizing and deploying friends and was competent in her supervision. Beyond these, her comrades would say, "The basis of Heval Esmer's feature is that she gave strength to comrades because she deeply lived and felt the PKK comradeship."

She used to say: "PKK comradeship is to think about your comrade before thinking about yourself, to show sacrifice." She was a guerrilla commander who knew that the Turkish state would go further. That is why she never stood still, she knew where and what to do.

Now, Esmer continues her journey through the many heroes who reach eternity from the land of resistance, Heftanin. The path is not over. After Esmer, her comrades say: "With the determination and morale of Heval Esmer, the victory of Heftanin will lead the freedom of Kurdistan."