YRD celebrates Kurdish Journalism Day

Democratic Press Union celebrated April 22, Kurdish Journalism Day and emphasized that "The free Kurdish press has an important mission in the creation of a free and democratic life for the Kurdish people."

Democratic Press Union (YRD) released a statement marking April 22, Kurdish Journalism Day, saying:

"We celebrate the Kurdish Journalism Day for press workers that base every day and minute of their lives on resistance and freedom struggle in order to be the voice of the truth. The first Kurdish newspaper 'Kurdistan' was published in Egyptian capital Cairo on April 22, 1898. Kurdistan newspaper was established by the exiled intellectual Miqdad Baderkhan, and tried to become the voice of the society under the time's circumstances. The first Kurdish newspaper has been historic for the Kurdish press, and the day of its publication has been marked as Kurdish Journalism Day since.


YRD continued; "The Kurdish people, who have developed their sense of community through the attainment of further meanings, have deepened the journalists day by attributing it more meanings every day. This is because societies develop their own meanings as they strengthen their heritage. Kurdish society has managed to preserve its existence by leaning on this truth throughout their freedom struggle. In this sense, the period from Kurdistan to Serxwebûn has introduced the Kurdish press to struggle for a free life while relaying information to the society. Kurdish press efforts that began in exile have now become one of the most important tools of building a free country and free society. Free press organizations have developed all across Kurdistan and wherever Kurds live. These organizations have tried to become the voice of the truth and the society that wants to live freely."


Remarking that the free Kurdish press has reached a level that has surpassed typical opposition, mere criticism or position of objectivity, YRD said: "Free Kurdish press has sided with freedom everywhere the society is threatened. While criticizing, it has also investigated and tried to express how a free society can be built. Kurdish press workers waging a struggle for social freedom continue their efforts without compromise despite arrests, detentions, torture, harassment, threats and risks of murder they face, mainly in Turkey and North Kurdistan. Today, tens of journalists are jailed in Turkish prisons. Kurdish media outlets established with great labor have been shut down. Society's right to receive information has been violated with bans imposed on daily basis. Journalists have been targeted in by AKP, KDP and ISIS gangs in Turkey, North Kurdistan, Shengal and Rojava, but still they have not ceased their struggle. On the contrary, these attacks have lead to a rebellion and flamed journalists' passion and dedication to their work. Every free worker of the Kurdish press continues to be the voice of free Kurds. Kurdish journalists targeted by the dominant continue to resist and stand with the tradition of free Kurdish journalists that is 119 years old.”


In this sense, Kurdish press has an important mission in building a free and democratic life for the Kurdish people. The current process is a historic one for the people of Kurdistan and it has also laid a major responsibility on the free press. The truth relayed from the screen to the paper should create a change in the mind of the Kurds. We are facing a historic responsibility.

The tradition of resistance from Mazlum Doğan, Mazlum Erenci and Gurbeteli Ersöz to Deniz, Şilan, Apê Musa, Rohat Aktaş, Evindar Cudi, Arhat, Nujiyan, Evin and others flames our determination to struggle and increases our responsibility. We celebrate the Kurdish Journalism Day for all free Kurdish press workers that labour for our freedom struggle with their work."