YJAD: Stop the attacks against Kurdish media!

The Democratic Alevi Women's Union condemned the attacks on the Kurdish media in Belgium and called for an end to the attacks on the free press.

In a written statement, the Democratic Alevi Women's Union (YJAD) pointed out that it was not a coincidence that the raids on Stêrk TV and Medya Haber studios in Belgium followed the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan to Brussels a while ago.

"We condemn regretfully the attack against Stêrk TV, Medya Haber TV and press workers who are the voice of Kurds and diversity and who, with the principle of truthful journalism, frustrate all kinds of lies and special war broadcasting of the AKP regime," the statement said.

Stating that they see the raids "as a political shame of European countries, especially Brussels", the Democratic Alevi Women's Union added: "We call on them to abandon this shame as soon as possible and put an end to the attacks against Medya Haber and Stêrk TV, against all Kurdish journalists, against the free press. The democratic public opinion should not remain silent on the open commission of such an unlawful act and offence against the press in Brussels, the capital of Europe."