South Kurdistan government delays permission for Ronahî TV to open office

The South Kurdistan government is attacking the freedom of the press again by preventing the opening of an office for the television station Ronahî TV.

The Kurdish broadcaster Ronahî TV, based in Sweden, has offices in most of the Arab countries. Last October, the broadcaster applied to the South Kurdistan government for permission to open an office in the region. Although five months have passed, the application has been delayed with excuses. In a written statement on the latest situation, the TV direction criticized the attitude of the government of South Kurdistan. The Iraqi government granted the application to open the office and forwarded it to the regional administration's cultural committee.

The Ronahî TV statement reads: “At the moment our request for a decision on our previous application' is waiting at the Hewlêr Police Department. We were told that due to the pandemic, the communications department was unable to hold a meeting to decide on our application. However, it seems that this statement by the Hewlêr police is nothing more than a pretext."

"Freedom of the press is hindered"

The executives of Ronahî TV criticize the South Kurdistan administration in Hewlêr: "The fact that our application has still not been approved and is being put on hold represents a violation of the right to freedom of the press. Why are we not allowed to open offices in South Kurdistan, even though we have offices and correspondents in the capitals of Europe and the Arab countries?"