Writer Eliacik faces 7.5 years in prison for ‘PKK propaganda'

An Islamic scholar and writer who is known for his anti-capitalist activism is facing 7.5 years prison sentence for alleged PKK propaganda.

According to a report by Bianet, the prosecutor’s office in Istanbul demanded 7.5 years prison sentence for writer Ihsan Eliacik. The indictment prepared by the prosecutors claimed that an article written by Eliacik was an attempt to create a perception against legitimate operations launched by state security forces against “terrorists.”

The prosecutor has also stated that “when the defendant’s articles are considered from this perspective, they are a call for terrorist violence, a call to armed resistance and insurgency.”

The trial began in Istanbul and Eliacik did not attend the first hearing. But he tweeted: “What is the purpose of the prosecutor who demands that I serve 10 years in prison for promoting terrorism and the deprivation of my right to serve as president, a deputy, a civil servant, a party administrator, etc.?”