Van Governor defends ban, targets ANF

Van Governor M. Emin Bilmez said about the ban going on for 4 years: "Look at the news of the ANF, and you will understand why we are implementing this ban."

Van Governor M. Emin Bilmez, who has banned all democratic, political, social and cultural activities in Van for 1500 days, said: "Look at ANF news and you will see why we are implementing this ban".

Speaking to a local newspaper, Governor Bilmez had this to answer when asked about the continuous ban on action and activity: "The main reason for this is that the terrorist organization is trying to prepare the infrastructure for an uprising in our region. If you follow the news on ANF, you will see why we are implementing this ban. We see that a so-called serhildan is being launched. Therefore, our main problem is that this organization started a movement in Van."