Printing houses do not publish Kurdish daily due to AKP’s threats

Printing houses in Turkey refuse to print the only Kurdish newspaper Welat due to the pressure and threats of the AKP regime.

The AKP-MHP regime which considers Kurdish press and institutions a threat to itself, is shutting down Kurdish institutions and obstructing those it cannot shut down through various methods.

Due to the pressures and threats of the AKP regime, the only Kurdish newspaper in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, Welat, cannot find a printing house to print the daily.

The Kurdish newspaper, dating back to the weekly Welatê me and Welat papers of 1992, continues the tradition of Azadiya Welat, Rojeva Welat.

Welat newspaper started publication on 26 August 2017 with the slogan "Naşikê û Nakeve” (Not broken, not brought down”.