New wave of operations targets journalists in Amed and Istanbul

At least four journalists from the free press have been taken into custody during house raids in Amed and Istanbul this morning.

Special operations police raided the house of Dicle News Agency (DIHA) News Editor Ömer Çelik in Amed city earlier this morning. Çelik was reportedly battered during the raid.

Police forces conducted house raids targeting journalists in Istanbul as well.

House of DIHA reporter Metin Yoksu in Bahçelievler area of Istanbul was raided by special operations police at midnight. Police seized the phones of all the family members in the house.

Diken reporter Tunca Öğreten and BirGün daily administrator Mahir Kanaat were also detained in the operation.

Police also raided a house where Etkin News Agency (ETHA) journalists live in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Policemen are conducting a search in the house and have already seized two computers.