Message from jailed journalist Mehmet Ferhat Çelik

Jailed editor-in-chief of Yeni Yaşam, Mehmet Ferhat Çelik, said that his detention has political motives. "This government will go," he said in a message from prison.

Yeni Yaşam newspaper chief editors Mehmet Ferhat Çelik and Aydın Keser were taken to Silivri No. 9 Closed Prison after being remanded in custody.

Çelik met his lawyers and told them that his detention was not legal and had political motives.

Çelik sent a message through his lawyer: "Warm love and greetings to all friends. In my 30-year-old journalistic history, I have witnessed murders by unknown killers, bombings, torture, and arrests of up to ten years, as well as persecution.

Many of you have seen the investigation file. It is clear that my arrest was politically motivated, it is not legal. So much so that the judge who arrested me showed his aggressive attitude during the trial, shouting and calling the bailiffs, hitting his hand on the tables, twice (once because of a  phone call) he left the hall. I'm pretty fine. I am held alone, now. I think we will be placed in the same ward soon. You know me, I always say that this ruling power is about to go. I stick to it. I have no doubt that you will write the truth in the free press. I hope to see you soon."