Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform: We reiterate journalism promise for friends in prison

Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform issued a statement on World Press Freedom Day reiterating the journalism promise made to their colleagues resisting in prison.

Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform issued a written statement to mark World Press Freedom Day.

The statement said: "We think that Turkey ranking 153rd among 180 countries listed in the Freedom of the Press Index leaves nothing to be proud of. Today, many of our friends are in prison and those who are out working on the ground are either detained or sued or battered for the same news they follow.”

The statement added: "The last law proved that journalism has ceased to be a profession and turned into a field of resistance for us. Today is not a day to celebrate freedom of the press for us, today is the day where we remind us that we will not kneel against the attackers."

The statement continued: "As yesterday, we will continue to be in the field saying 'neither your laws nor your prohibitions'. We made a journalism promise to those friends resisting."