“KDP detained journalist Ibrahim Abbas because of his ideas"

The wife and sister of journalist Ibrahim Abbas who was taken into custody by KDP asayish in a house raid the day before stated that Abbas was detained only because of his ideas.

Freelance journalist Ibrahim Abbas who was detained by KDP's Asayish forces during a house raid in Hewlêr around 01:30 on March 4 night remains in custody at Hewlêr Asayish Headquarters.

The KDP media claimed that Abbas, who was detained for criticizing the Barzani family on his Facebook account, was taken into custody because he “harassed his neighbors over the phone”. However, the wife and sister of Abbas who spoke to ANF refuted this claim.

Abbas' wife Sadiye Mihemed spoke to ANF over the phone and stated that her husband was beaten and detained by Asayish forces following a 4-hour search in their house.

Mihemed stated that her husband was taken to Hewlêr Asayish Headquarters, and said "I was able to meet with him yesterday evening. My husband was detained because of his ideas. We do not know if he will appear in court."

Abbas' sister Aso Abbas also refuted the claims of pro-KDP media, and said "If that was the case, shouldn't there be an other side to file a complaint? There is no such a complaint. My brother was detained solely because of his ideas."

Abbas had served as KDP President Masoud Barzani's advisor and resigned after several disagreements.

Journalists in South Kurdistan launched "Freedom for Ibrahim Abbas" campaign on social media demanding his release.