Journalist Mamend: A dark period awaits the Barzani family

Journalist and activist Hêmin Mamend said that the Barzani family was involved in many crimes and that they are "worried about the lawsuits filed against them abroad. They know there is a dark period ahead of them."

On the night of 24 March 2020, Hewlêr Public Order forces raided the house of journalist and activist Hêmin Mamend and detained him without any documents or court order. Hêmin Mamend, who was held in prison until 7 April 2020 despite all the protests, is one of the well-known journalists of Hewlêr and Kurdistan. Mamend, who has been detained many times by public order forces in recent years, has been subjected to repeated blackmail and threats from the KDP government, Hewlêr Governor and Hewlêr police.

Mamend told ANF about the difficulties faced by journalists, activists, and people opposing the KDP in the regions under the party’s control and the persecution they faced.

Mamend, who had to leave Hewlêr due to the political situation there and the occupation by the Turkish state, said: "I am from Hewlêr, my ancestors are also from there. However, due to the political situation and the occupation of Hewlêr by the Barzani family and the Turkish state, I have been living in Sulaymaniyah for four years. I had to leave Hewlêr. I was repeatedly threatened and arrested by the Barzani family and their collaborators. I was kidnapped by KDP security forces in 2017, and in 2019, I was detained for a week upon complaint from Nechirvan Barzani's nephew, Metin Barzani, and then I was sentenced to two years in prison in this case."

The Turkish state sees Behdinan as a Turkish city

The journalist said that he "spent almost two months in KDP prison in 2020. There are twelve files opened against me by Mesrur Barzani and the Hewlêr prosecutor's office. My two cases were concluded, and I was sentenced to 4 years in prison. They also gave me additional punishment. I haven't been able to go to Hewlêr, the city of my father and grandfather and the city of my memories, for 4 years. In 2020, they raided my house at 9 o'clock at night, and then I was detained for 10 days. After my release, I emphasized in an interview that I would continue my resistance against injustice and oppression. Just 25 hours after that interview, KDP forces and the Barzani family attacked my house. And this despite the fact that according to the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kurdistan Region, 'It is not possible to raid the suspect's house after sunset.' They also tortured my mother during the raid. Even now, I cannot go to Hewlêr. Because the Turkish state sees Hewlêr and Behdinan as Turkish cities."

They cannot silence the voice of freedom

Evaluating the cooperation of the Barzani family with the enemies of the Kurdish people, Mamend said: "Everyone knows that the Barzani family is a tribal family. They do not believe in democracy and freedom. Because they are dictators. Their only duty is to carry out the instructions of the enemy. The Barzani family has committed dozens of massacres throughout history. For example, Faxîr Mêrgesorî and the martyrdom of the Hemed Axa family, as well as the martyrdom of the employees of Welat magazine in 1997. Even now, the bodies of these martyrs are missing. It is good that European activists such as Mekî Amêdî and Qadir Nadir and some other friends have prepared a very nice file of 332 pages. In this file, there are 25 complaints filed against the Barzani family in American courts. These complaints worried the Barzanis. They know that they have a dark future ahead of them. They will no longer be able to silence the voice of freedom."

The journalist continued: "A few days ago I talked to my friend Şêrwan Şêrwanî. He was in good spirits and happy. In his speech, he said that Masrour Barzani was a terrorist. Yes, Masrour Barzani is a terrorist. He is accused of killing my friend and colleague Serdeşt Osman. Masrour Barzani was in no way in the service of Kurdistan. On the contrary, he was in the service of the invaders and the Barzani family. We predicted that freedoms would be restricted if Masrour Barzani came to power, and unfortunately it turned out that way. According to the report of Amnesty International, the US Department of State, the Metro Center and dozens of other reports, freedom of thought and press have returned to zero in this cabinet. Hewlêr and Behdinan are an uneasy place for journalists. Prison has always been a place for heroes and good thinkers. Undoubtedly, my friends will come out of prisons with pride, with new experience, more resilient and will work to destroy the invaders. Freedom will win in the end."