Journalist Hayri Tunç sentenced to 2 years in prison

Journalist Hayri Tunç was convicted of “terrorist propaganda” and received a prison sentence of 2 years.

The verdict hearing of the case of writer journalist Hayri Tunç was held in İstanbul 13th Penal Court. Tunç and his lawyers attended the hearing. Tunç gave his defense and said he was conducting acts of journalism and he had posted on social media platforms exercising his right to free speech.

His lawyers spoke after Tunç and reemphasized that Tunç had conducted acts of journalism. The panel of judges expressed there were no new evidence to inspect and that the judging was over. Following a break, the panel announced a verdict and sentenced Tunç to 1 year in prison on the grounds of “terrorist propaganda”. Then they increased the sentence, citing that the crime was committed through media and decided on a sentence of 18 months in prison.

Finally, the panel sentenced Tunç to 2 years in prison, citing that he committed a “chain crime”.

Tunç’s lawyers said they will appeal the verdict in the supreme court.