Journalist detained by police during release from prison in Adana

Jailed journalist Hakan Ergün who was released by court yesterday was taken into custody during his leave from prison in Adana province.

Hakan Ergün, distributor of the Azadiya Welat and Özgür Gündem newspapers, was released from prison by Adana 2nd Heavy Penal Court yesterday. Ergün was however detained by police during his leave from Kürkçüler F Type Closed Prison on the grounds that he was to “give testimony” in the scope of an investigation.

Ergün's procedures at the anti-terror department of police headquarters continue since his detention.

In a large scale detention operation before the Newroz, police had also raided Ergün's house due to a "detention warrant" although he was in jail already. Reports suggest that Ergün has been detained in the scope of this investigation.