Journalist Şerife Oruç detained after her release from prison

DIHA reporter Şerife Oruç, who was detained again by the gates of the Elazığ Type T Prison following the order for her release, has been referred to the Elazığ Courthouse.

Arrested reporter of the Dicle News Agency (DIHA), shut down with a Statutory Decree (KHK), had been released in yesterday’s hearing of the case against her in the Batman High Criminal Court No.2 with the charge “membership to a terrorist organization”. On her way out of the prison as she was being released, she was detained and taken to the Elazığ Police Headquarters. Journalist Oruç spent the night in custody there, and was referred to the Elazığ Courthouse in the morning.

The police said the Diyarbakır Criminal Court of Peace No.4 issued an arrest warrant against Oruç, while she was under arrest, and the case was later combined with the case in Batman, but the arrest warrant wasn’t cancelled, which resulted in the detention. Journalist Şerife Oruç is expected to be released after the arrest warrant issued by Batman High Criminal Court No.2 is cancelled.