HPG releases balance sheet of war for May

HPG reported continued attacks by the Turkish army in Kurdistan territory through the month of May, when 54 Turkish soldiers were killed as guerrillas responded to the attacks in self-defense.

The People’s Defence Forces (HPG) released the balance sheet of war for the month of May, when the Turkish army bombed the guerrilla positions hundreds of times. 54 Turkish soldiers died in armed clashes and 13 guerrillas were martyred.

The HPG statement released on Friday said: “The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, which represents the free will and legitimate defence force of the Kurdish people, has been putting up historic resistance against the attacks of the colonialists so that our oppressed people could have an honourable future with their language, culture and history. Our forces, who keep fighting selflessly against all attacks, are defending every inch of Kurdistan's lands with great will. Following the Maras-centred earthquakes on February 6, our forces declared inaction and have been complying with it for approximately 4 months. Despite this decision, which was based on human values and aimed at healing the wounds of survivors in a spirit of solidarity, the invading Turkish army continued its attacks under the guidance of the fascist AKP-MHP regime and its minister of special war, Hulusi Akar. The invading Turkish army committed war crimes by bombing all the areas where the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are positioned and the guerrilla resistance areas, especially the Medya Defence Zones, by fighter jets, attack helicopters, howitzers, mortars, tanks and artillery, as well as chemical and prohibited weapons. The colonialist Turkish army launched large-scale military operations throughout May, especially in Bakure (North) Kurdistan, with the participation of hundreds of soldiers and militias, using all kinds of advanced weaponry.

The invading army committed war crimes

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla maintained its position despite all the attacks, responded to the invaders on the basis of self-defence, and as a result, armed clashes erupted. The colonial army, which wanted to achieve results by using all its advanced weaponry, could not break the resistance of our forces.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, who resisted the colonialists in every area from Bakur to the Medya Defence Zones and did not allow the occupation and the invaders, embraced the spirit of resistance of the Martyrs of May, including Haki Karer, Halil Çavgunlar, the Resistance of the Four in Amed prison and Hozan Mizgîn. Our comrades, resisting the colonialists who tried to destroy the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla in Bakur, gave the necessary response to the invaders in Mardîn, Amed and Botan in the footsteps of the Martyrs of May and in the spirit of the June 1 Offensive.

The colonialist Turkish army, helpless in the face of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, committed war crimes by bombing the Guerrilla Resistance Positions 8 times by prohibited bombs and chemical weapons throughout May. Moreover, the resistance positions in the Medya Defence Zones were bombed 126 times by fighter jets, 11 times by attack helicopters, 435 times with mortars, howitzers, tanks and heavy weapons. 54 Turkish soldiers were killed, and 2 others injured in the ensuing clashes. 13 of our comrades were martyred in the attacks of the enemy.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, which represents a free future and a dignified life for our people, has dealt heavy blows to the invaders, and the struggle of the likes of Leyla Sorxwin, has once again shown to the whole world that the hope for freedom in Kurdistan can never be destroyed. Our comrades Bahoz Çiya, Dilgêş Zagros, Bawer Korkmaz, Dilşêr Çiyareş, Bawer Med, Rênçber Givara, Şerger Caf who became immortal by fighting selflessly against the colonialists in Bakur Kurdistan and our Apoist militants Egîd Zilan, Diyar Xosnas, Botan Zagros, Bawer Zaza and Canşêr Adar in the Medya Defence Zones became immortal by resisting on the line of victory.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, which has grown by preserving the legacy of the struggle of our martyrs, will certainly carry the freedom cause of our people to victory.”