Group staging sit-in in front of HDP building attacks JINNEWS journalist in Amed

JINNEWS journalist Gülistan Azak, who went to HDP Amed provincial building to follow the news, was attacked by the group sitting in front of the building with the police.

The group sitting in front of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Amed Provincial Organization accompanied by police physically attacked JINNEWS journalist Gülistan Azak. One of the women waiting in front of the HDP building approached Azak, who wanted to go to the HDP Amed building to follow the news. She physically attacked her by throwing shoes. HDP members came to the aid of Azak, while the police didn’t move.

Azak said about the incident: "I saw that the city building I went to follow the news was blocked by the police. When I reached the first blockade, which was closed with police barriers, the police told me that entrance was prohibited. I showed my press card. I was let through after the police searched me and my bag. When I saw that the door of the party was also closed with the same barriers, I asked one of the policemen how I would enter. One of the women joining the parents’ vigil, having heard that I wanted to enter the provincial building, took off her shoe and threw it at me and ran to come and pull my hair. Meanwhile, she was swearing and insulting me.

I was quickly taken inside by the party members who came to the entrance having heard the noise.”