Free Press Association holds 5th congress in Qamishlo

The 5th Congress of the Free Press Association started in Qamishlo.

The Free Press Association (YRA) is holding its 5th Congress in the city of Qamishlo with the motto "Professional communication brings more genuine change".

Approximately 200 press members from the North and East Syrian regions, as well as the North and East Syrian Press Office and the Kurdish Writers Union are attending the congress held in the Zana Hall.

The congress program consists of the speeches by members of the Free Press Union of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the reading and evaluation of the annual work report of the Free Press Union, opinions of the participants, and the election of the Free Press Union Assembly and its co-chairs.

During the congress, evaluations will be made regarding the situation of the free press in Northern and Eastern Syria, the improvement of press activities and the elimination of deficiencies.


Free Press Union Co-chair Bengin Seydo said, "The free press played an important role and made great sacrifices in conveying the reality of the revolution to the whole world during the 9-year period of the Rojava Revolution. More than 24 journalists have been martyred in Northern and Eastern Syria so far."

Referring to the attacks and pressures against journalists in the Northern and Eastern Syria regions, Seydo continued:

“This whole process was an experience for the free press and it professionally reported the developments in the region and the attacks on the people. The press has two aspects. One aspect is directly related to the reporting of the realities and developments in society. The other aspect is concerned with dominant powers and narrates the events according to them.

I hope that journalists and media outlets will convey the developments in the region to the world and support the struggle of the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria. The work of journalists and media institutions should improve their activities.”


Speaking after, Autonomous Administration Press Office Co-chair Amir Mûrad pointed out the following; "The establishment of the Free Press Union was carried out in a very difficult and troublesome period, and it holds a very important place in terms of organizing and seeking the rights of journalists. It has implemented many decisions and proposals to promote journalism in North and East Syria.

We are going through a very challenging period. As journalists in Northern and Eastern Syria, we must continue our work against occupation and terror attacks on our land. We must respond to all hate speech by not being an instrument to the policies of some states.”

During the Congress, a cinevision was also screened about the journalists who were martyred while following the news on the attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria.

Free Press Association Co-chair Evîn Yûsîf read the annual study report and the congress continues.