YPG Commander General Sipan Hemo: Afrin war will be the final

Regarding Turkey’s attempt to invade Afrin and Manbij, YPG Commander General Sipan Hemo said: “We will free the region of Erdoğan menace just like our YPG/YPJ forces cleared the region of ISIS.”

People’s Defense Units (YPG) Commander General Sipan Hemo spoke to ANF about the Turkish state’s preparations to invade Afrin and Manbij.

Hemo stressed that they will continue to protect the gains of Kurdish and Syrian peoples, and that they are prepared to do that, adding; “We as YPG will strongly respond to whoever attacks and threatens Afrin, Rojava or anywhere else, let it be Erdoğan or someone else.”


Commenting on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s remarks “We might come a night all of a sudden”, Hemo said they will continue to protest the gains of Kurdish people and peoples of the region.

“During the six years of struggle in Rojava (Western) Kurdistan, our forces have not gone beyond the targets they set for themselves. We had clearly stated that we will be protecting the Kurdish people’s gains in Rojava. On this basis, our forces mounted defense and responded to the attacks against Rojava Kurdistan. Historic steps have been taken and historic battles have been fought against terrorist forces, witnessing great bravery.”


Hemo recalled that the Turkish state has already launched attacks and uttered threats against Rojava at every opportunity for 6 years now, continuing as follows; “The Turkish state and President Erdoğan adopted a hostile attitude and launched attacks since the first day a movement emerged in Rojava Kurdistan. Today’s attacks and threats by Tayyip Erdoğan are nothing new. They have been waging a war against Rojava Kurdistan in various manners for 6 years anyway. However, all their attacks have failed, not a single one of them has succeeded.”


Underlining that the Turkish state had several gang groups attack the Kurdish people in Aleppo and Afrin before with the ultimate goal of creating a conflict among the Kurds and the region’s peoples, Hemo said; “Their plan collapsed when they failed in this. After that, they developed attacks against our forces with the hand of Jabhat Al-Nusra in Serêkaniyê soon after the beginning of July 19 Revolution. Our forces resisted and cleared Serêkaniyê of the gang groups.”


Hemo recalled that the Turkish state helped several gang groups cross into Rojava in 2014 and had ISIS attack Kobanê after the Serêkaniyê victory became a symbol for Rojava and a defeat for the gangs and their supporters.

Remarking that all their plans from Serêkaniyê to Kobanê have been foiled, Hemo said the following;

“The events we are facing today have a different meaning. It is not totally clear and evident that all the tricks, dirty war and plans of Erdogan and Turkish intelligence MİT have failed and faced a defeat. They have been exposed, everybody saw their true face. Today, everyone all around the world knows that Erdoğan is a partner of terrorists and enemies of people. Now that they have no other scenario left in their hand, and they are desperate, they want to develop a way out in this manner. They openly threaten Afrin.”


YPG Commander General continued; “We as YPG will strongly respond to whoever attacks and threatens Afrin, Rojava or anywhere else, let it be Erdogan or someone else. This is a legitimate right and our duty which we will duly perform. Just like we foiled Erdogan’s dirty plans and turned them into gains for Kurds and our peoples before, we will do the same now. We will foil Erdogan’s dirty plans against Afrin once again and turn them into a great gain for the peoples of Rojava, Syria, Kurds and even the peoples of Turkey.”


asked about the level of their preparations for a probable invasion attempt of the Turkish state, Hemo said they have been prepared for such a case for a long time and added; “We have strong preparations for a probable onslaught on Afrin. Our level of defense is strong. The people of Afrin also know this truth and we trust the people of Afrin that they will develop a mighty resistance to protect their land as they did before.”


Asked if the Turkish state has received permission from Russia or the U.S. for an attack on Afrin, Sîpan Hemo said the following; “We have no official information in this regard. Still, if the Turkish state dares to conduct such an invasion aggression on Afrin, this will mean that everyone has responsibility in it. Should Iran, Russia, Syria and even the U.S. not approve this in one way or another, Turkey cannot carry out such an attack because international law will not allow it as states have many laws that prevent this. Should Turkey engage in such an attack, it means Russia, Iran, Syria and the U.S. connive at it. We do not have concrete information at the moment and we are speaking in consideration of situations that may develop. Should the mentioned states fail to manifest a serious attitude in such a case, the Kurdish people will hold all of them responsible.”


Hemo stressed that the Kurdish people have their plans for probable invasion attempts, and that nobody should bargain over the blood of Syrian peoples. He continued;

“If these states don’t develop a serious attitude against Erdogan in the event of him attacking Afrin, this will manifest the fact that they have entrusted Erdogan the task of attacking the Kurds. We have not seen any serious attitude of these states so far as Erdogan openly threatens Afrin. Erdogan would not be able to do such a thing if these forces did not connive at it. Should this attack be put into practice, it will mean that these forces do support Erdogan. These forces may make plans for their own interests but we do not accept any force bargaining over the blood of Kurds and peoples of Northern Syria, and serving their interests over such an attack.”


Sîpan Hemo pointed out that they are yet to see a serious attitude in the face of intensified attacks on Afrin over the past one week, adding; “The situation is quite tense and battles are erupting in Afrin for the last one week. Nobody has taken any attitude against this. Even the Syrian state, which claims to be owning these lands, has not made a statement. Nor did Russia speak out against it officially. We will follow this issue very closely and if they do not take a stance, we will come to the conclusion that they are a part of this attack and take sides on that front. Our people will ask them to give an account for bearing responsibility in this.”


Hemo continued with the following call to the peoples of Syria and those working for the Turkish state’s plans on Syria; “It is time to express some things to the peoples of Syria. The Syrian Revolution began in 2011 with very sacred slogans and with the goal of attaining freedom for the peoples. At that time, we expressed our stance clearly said that take sides with the uprisings in Syria. However, some dirty sides like Erdogan wanted to use the revolutionary process that the peoples of Syria initiated to attain pure goals. They played a game in Syria. They first gave hope to the Syrian peoples, then tried to tie them to themselves. Erdogan derailed, stained and darkened the Syrian revolution. He put the Syrian Revolution to the service of Jabhat Al-Nusra and ISIS. He thus lessened the world’s support for Syrian revolution and tied the peoples of Syria to himself.”


Hemo commented that the groups under the Free Syrian Army were meant to fight against the state but Erdogan misdirected them who therewith fought against the Syrian peoples and the Kurds as Erdogan’s guards. According to Hemo, this happened because these groups entered the service of various foreign intelligence services, the Turkish intelligence being in the first place.

“Erdogan used the Syrian revolution and sold it out. Erdogan sold Dara out, bargained in Homs and did the same in Guta. He publicly sold Aleppo out for his own interests. He put the Syrian revolution on sale. The democratic, libertarian, self-sacrificing Arab people and other peoples of Syria should see and know this truth. Erdogan has no concerns like assisting the Syrian revolution. The peoples of Syria should also see this truth for themselves and take a stand by the Kurdish people against this fascist and trader mindset.”


Defining the clashes in Idlib as a part of the alliance made in Astane, Hemo said; “There is talk of an alliance made by Turkey, Iran and Russia in Astana. At the moment, many people think that the fight in Idlib is outside of this alliance. This is wrong. On the contrary, the war developed in Idlib is in accordance with this alliance. During Astana talks, it was agreed that Turkey would take some areas and open the way for the regime. The war in Idlib has not gone beyond this framework so far. The Turkish state has sold the opposition out in Idlib, just like it did in Homs, Hame, Aleppo and other places of Syria before.”


Asked about the possibility of a deal for ‘Afrin in return for Idlib’, like the previous deal made between Russia and Turkey ‘for Al-Bab in return for Aleppo’, Hemo made the following comments; “As a matter of fact, such a question does not quite accord the conjuncture. Of course, everyone thinks about their own interests in war. Should such a bargain take place, the Syrian state will not disagree. The policy of Syrian state is essentially based on a denial and annihilation of the Kurds. In other words, they have the same mindset with Erdogan. However, I would like to state that there is no bargain made over Idlib at the moment. There is no plan to fight and take whole of Idlib.”


Pointing out that Erdogan threatened Manbij simultaneously with Afrin, Hemo said; “Erdoğan has one single goal in seeking to attack Afrin and bringing Manbij to agenda. Turkey engages in such acts in order to prevent the advance of Rojava Revolution and gains of the Kurds. Essentially, the Turkish state refers to America as it talks about Manbij. We do not know what kind of promises have been made between these forces. America should be asked about this. To us, it is a basic duty to liberate every inch of Rojava Kurdistan and we will fulfill this duty. We do not discuss about Afrin and Manbij as the lands of Rojava Kurdistan like Jarablus and Bab are under occupation. We should talk about liberating these regions.”


YPG Commander General Sîpan Hemo ended with the following call to the Kurdish people; “The war to develop is a historic one that will lead to final. This will be the final for Rojava Kurdistan, Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan and thus all the peoples of the Middle East. This is because of the fact that the Turkish President with psychological issues has become a menace for the entire region, for the Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turks and all other peoples. It seems that our fate gives us the task of freeing the region of Erdogan menace just like our YPG/YPJ forces cleared the region of ISIS. The Afrin war will be a war of this kind. We believe that the people of Kurdistan, Arab people and the peoples of Syria, region and the world will take sides with the legitimate struggle of our people in Rojava Kurdistan and manifest a stance against the fascists that attack the Kurdish people in an attempt to deprive them of their rights.”