Guerrilla Sînê: Iran tries to normalize the village guard system

Guerrilla Hawar Sînê said that Iran is implementing a very insidious policy and said that young people in particular should counter it.

Guerrilla Hawar Sînê, as his name reveals, is from the city of Sînê in Rojhilat Kurdistan. He said that Iran is implementing a very insidious policy and said that young people in particular should counter it.

Pointing to the history of Sînê's resistance, guerrilla Hawar Sînê reminded that the people of the resistance have always been subjected to massacres carried out by the enemy and said: "The enemy has always wanted to kill the resistance potential in Sînê, but the people of Sînê have never bowed to the enemy."

Guerrilla Hawar Sînê talked about the resistance which lasted for 24 days and underlined that as time passed, the enemy saw that these policies did not yield results and that therefore it opted for assimilation in a softer and more insidious way. Guerrilla Sînê pointed out that it is necessary to be very conscious in order to be aware of the policy the enemy is implementing now and gave the following example: “For example, it is now deceiving the public by saying that Sorani will be free. It assimilates the people with its own language. It teaches the history, culture and policy of the system in Sorani and some people think that the state gives rights to the Kurds. However, a conscious person knows that in this way, the state wants to impose its own policy by destroying the spirit of resistance in the Kurds."

Noting that Besic (village guard system) are now being normalized by the system, guerrilla Hawar said: “The Iranian system legitimizes village guards. Now each family is lining up to get a village guard card for their child. Because the state is saying that "if you don’t have this card, you cannot find a job, work, or live anywhere within this system." People felt they need to get this card for children as well as the elderly. I wonder if families are aware of the meaning of this? The ideology of this state is been instilled in the minds of the people since they are children. Young people first learn to denounce their father and mother to the state. This is the deepest degree of assimilation. The state develops this situation especially in resistance places like Sînê. 20 years ago, if you said to a people from Sînê that he was working as an agent it would be doomsday, it was death for that person. The people would completely isolate such a person. Unfortunately, village guards are very common now. They even give an official card to work as an informer.”

Guerrilla Hawar Sînê called on people to be sensitive and conscious of this situation and addressed especially women and young people: “You have to react against these policies carried out by the enemy, do not fall into the enemy's hands. The village guard system means playing with Kurdish honour."