'We will write Kurdish victory in history'

YJA Star guerrilla Delal Nûda Avet spoke about guerrillas’ preparations and goals on the 7th day of the resistance in Şikefta Birîndara. "We will write another Kurdish victory, PKK victory in history,” she said.

YJA Star guerrilla Delal Nûda Avet gave information about the ongoing battles under intense air strikes, Turkish attack style and guerrilla's stance on the 7th day of the resistance in Şikefta Birîndara: “We are currently holding positions in Şikefta Birîndara. As you know, on April 17 air and ground attacks were launched after intense air bombings on April 14. A very comprehensive offensive began in Çiyayê Reş, Kurojahro, Şehîd Şahin and Şikefta Birîndara. It did not come as a surprise to us, because as the general command we were waiting for it and were preparing for it. On the first evening when the attack began everyone had motivation and strength. This was very obvious that night: Everyone was actually waiting for this moment. Everyone enthusiastically took up their positions. This is also the case right now.”


Guerrilla Avet added: “We have not allowed the Turkish army to land its troops since April 17. Land attacks are also very common. Since we are close to the enemy lines, the Xeregol line, they come mostly from the land. Right now, there is a major resistance in Şehîd Cûdî and Tepe Ortê, friends are resisting. There is a huge morale of resistance among our friends. We are trying to do something together. There is only one thing we stick to: it is the reality of victory. Everyone's desire for victory, daily hassle in the middle of the war, enemy’s ongoing attacks... For example, last night, Cobra helicopters bombed our positions non-stop until the morning, but even these attacks boost our morale. We say that ‘Whatever you do, you will not defeat us and you will see that we will not renounce our resistance'. This is a reality which was experienced very concretely last night.”


Guerrilla Avet continued: “April 23, marks the anniversary of the invasion attack that started in Medya Defence Zones last year. I commemorate Werxelê, Zendura resistance, Delal, Viyan and Bawer with gratitude and respect. In any case, we are marching towards victory rather than resistance. There is only one reason why the enemy forces escalate attacks from air and ground: this is the last line, and we will defend it successfully. This is the only fear of the enemy.


The position we are in now is the position very close to the enemy forces. There are nearly 300-400 meters between us. They don't move at all, we expect them to move, but they don't move at all. They just raise and lower their heads like a reptile. Right now, we are trying to focus on where are the enemy troops, what are they doing, what are they trying to do, how and from which side are they going to attack, and how are we going to respond.”

Guerrilla Avet said: “We rely on the perspectives of comrade Cumali as a basis. Cumali and all the comrades who resisted with him left us a great legacy in Werxelê. It was very meaningful, very important. Here, too, I am currently focusing on his perspectives and the instructions the organization has given in the last period, concerning the tunnel battles and the formation on the ground. We are trying to invent new things, but we are generally ready and enthusiastic. This is very important, very valuable. The only problem is that we have no time to socialize with other friends. Those smiles, those screams and that desire to strike the enemy forces back boost our morale very much. Being a united strike force is an indication that we will achieve victory.


Being here is really meaningful to me, and I am also very proud of it. It is important to me to be among the creators of this life. Here it is important to find yourself in this sea of victory. We are trying to strike the enemy forces based on the power of re-questioning and recreating ourselves in accordance with the Apoist line. Being a woman in this position is much more meaningful. Of course, we have inadequacies. I can say the following: No matter what happens here, if the organization hears my voice one day, I can give my self-criticism for all my inadequacies. I really think we could have done better, and we will, but we still can't get enough. We cannot fully respond to the expectations of the organization. For this, I already give my self-criticism.


Of course, we will always resist, but we will also ensure the victory here! Yılmaz Güney was saying that 'We will either win or we will win, I would rather die as a revolutionary than live as a slave!' During the Kobani resistance, a mother said that "I would rather resist on my feet than die on my knees!", that's how it is. We do not accept slavery. Here we are resisting for that mother, we are resisting for the legacy of Yılmaz Güney. We are resisting for this people, and we have to lead this resistance to victory. We will write another Kurdish victory, the PKK victory in history! I believe in this, and I wish success to all comrades resisting here.”