Turkish military operations in Batman and Bitlis continue

The military operation in the Hasankeyf district has been extended to rural areas. A large-scale operation is also taking place in the province of Bitlis, with the area being bombarded by combat helicopters.

The military operation launched by the Turkish army in Batman’s Hasankeyf district at the beginning of the week has been extended to rural areas in the district of Gercüş. The operational area initially comprised the area around the village of Xirbêkûr (Palamut) on Mount Mawa, but parts of the Torî region have now also been declared a restricted military area. The village of Bilêxşê is under siege by the military and a curfew has been imposed. Shots could be heard in the surrounding area amidst Turkish air force activity.

The fire in Mawa, which was triggered by air strikes on Saturday, continues to rage unhindered and the army is preventing firefighting efforts.

On the other hand, a large-scale operation has also been taking place in the Hizan district of Bitlis since Saturday. In addition to soldiers from the Turkish army, Kurdish "village guards" are also being deployed as ground troops. According to reports from the region, combat helicopters are bombing a forest area. The villages of Akûnis, Govan, Lanîlan, Xûlepûr, Kekulan, Sûreh, Pertawan, Mezra Pisyan, Geliyê Nemiran, Desta Ovî, Deşta Kaviltîn and Hûzeran are located in the operation area. Hûzeran in particular is under military siege, with identity checks being carried out.