Turkish intelligence MİT’s man in Germany spills

The MİT member arrested in Germany last December Mehmet Fatih Sayan admitted that he is a spy working for Turkish intelligence service.

The Turkish intelligence service MİT agent sent to Germany to assassinate Kurdish politicians, Mehmet Fatih Sayan’s case officially begins. The federal prosecutor announced that Sayan received 30 thousand Euros in return for espionage.

Sayan is reported to have said, “I am a spy but I am not a hitman.”

Last November, it had come to light that MİT was planning assassinations of Kongra-Gel Co-chair Remzi Kartal and European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCD-E) Co-chair Yüksel Koç. In connection with this plan, MİT agent Mehmet Fatih Sayan was arrested by the German police in Hamburg on December 15, 2016.

The Federal Prosecution based in Karlsruhe issued a written statement and announced that Sayan is in fact working for the Turkish intelligence and that he has been arrested. With the Federal Prosecution’s demand, Sayan’s case will be heard in Hamburg State Court. The hearings will start in the fall.


The prosecution published the abstract of the indictment prepared against 32 year old Sayan and announced that Sayan has been working for Turkish intelligence since 2013. The prosecution also announced that Sayan received 30 thousand Euros in return for espionage activity and added: “Sayan has been working for the Turkish intelligence since 2013. In May 2016, he was taking photographs of protesters for Turkish intelligence in a protest in Bremen against the lifting of immunities for MPs in Turkey.”

But according to the indictment, Mehet Fatih Sayan’s primary duty from September 2015 onwards was to surveil Germany Democratic Kurdish Society Center (NAV-DEM) Co-chair Yüksel Koç.


According to information ANF has obtained, Sayan admits that he works for the MİT in the casefile. Sayan’s statement reads: “I am an agent, the Turkish intelligence sent me to Germany to surveil Kurdish institutions and gather information, but I am not a hitman.”

The prosecutor prepared the indictment based on this statement by Sayan, as this is an official admission that there are people who work for MİT in Germany. There are ongoing investigations for 20 Turks in Germany for being MİT agents, but none of them had admitted guilt.


One of the Kurdish politicians Mehmet Fatih Sayan was following, KCDK-E Co-chair Yüksel Koç said: “It is important that this case has been opened, but there are missing parts. Who gave Sayan’s orders, that should be unearthed. An ordinary civil servant can’t give that order. Investigations should be launched on Erdoğan and Turkish authorities.”

Koç spoke to ANF on the Sayan case and said: “After we exposed this person, he discussed things with MİT and returned from Ukraine to turn himself in. MİT determined the defense strategy he will use in the case.”

Kurdish politician Koç mentioned one of Erdoğan’s advisors Muhammed Taha Gergerlioğlu, who was put on trial for being a MİT agent but was later released: “We hope this case won’t turn into the Gergerlioğlu case. This person has nothing to do with our organization. He came and met with us using his journalist identity. We handed over the documents we had to the German authorities before.”

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