Turkish agent Sayan in Germany was a mobile operative of the MİT

The lawsuit against MİT agent Mehmet Fatih Sayan who gathered information on Kurdish politicians in Germany and planned assassinations continues in Hamburg, Germany.

New details have emerged about the MİT agent Mehmet Fatih Sayan whose lawsuit continues in Hamburg, Germany. It has come to light that before Germany, the MİT had put Sayan on duty as a “mobile operative” and sent him to Makhmur, Kobanê, Eastern Kurdistan and Russia in this order.

The lawsuit against MİT agent Mehmet Fatih Sayan who gathered information on Kurdish politicians in Europe and planned assassinations continued in Hamburg, Germany. In the hearing held in the Hamburg High Criminal Court, C.R. gave a deposition as a witness. C.R. was the Refugees Office worker who received the asylum requests of Sayan and Özgür Politika newspaper reporter Reha Sarı, who exposed Sayan’s agent activity.

In the morning session, first Özgür Politika newspaper reporter Reha Sarı gave a deposition. Sarı said after they learned about Sayan’s attempts against Kurdish politicians, they let the police know, considering the threat to their lives as well, and added that no Turkish intelligence member has been convicted in Germany.

Meanwhile, Sayan was allowed to ask questions, and he insinuated that Yeni Özgür Politika newspaper has organic ties to the PKK, upon which he was silenced by the judge. After Sarı’s deposition, Sayan stated that he stands by his defense in the previous hearing and continued with his contradictory account.

Sayan said he only has ties to two police officers in Turkey, and that he only gave them information on ISIS while he was in Turkey. When asked what kind of information he provided, Sayan said the police officer named Kemal in Ankara asked for information on the Swiss national ISIS member “Rıza” who frequently travelled to and from Syria.


According to his deposition in the Federal Immigrants and Refugees Bureau submitted to the court, Sayan said his arrival in Germany was orchestrated entirely by the MİT. Sayan said the MİT paid for all his expenses, including language classes, and that he worked with a unit in Europe.

According to his asylum request protocol, Sayan was called to Ankara by the MİT 5 months after he arrived in Germany and was given the duty to gather information on NAV-DEM Co-chair of the time Yüksel Koç and Kongra-Gel Co-chair Remzi Kartal and to arrange the necessary planning for assassinations.

Federal Immigrants and Refugees Bureau worker C.R. said Sayan’s interview lasted for 6 hours and that Sayan did not hesitate in anything he said. According to Sayan’s statement, in 2014 a man who claimed to be from the MİT called him and told him his father was killed by the PKK, and asked him to work for them.

Sayan agreed to work for the MİT and resigned from Rumeli TV on the MİT’s demand, to take Kurdish classes for 8 months. Later he travelled to Kurdistan and started working for Denge TV. After he established trust there, the MİT gave him his first assignment and sent him to Makhmur. There he identified the workers, took footage and delivered it to the MİT.


According to his statement in the Immigration Bureau, his second assignment was to travel to Kobanê from Ankara with one other person. Sayan’s third assignment was to travel to refugee camps where the Êzidî refugees fleeing ISIS attacks stayed and record interviews that denigrate the PKK and send them to the MİT. The MİT took this footage and broadcast them on the state television.

Sayan also stated in his asylum request that he received money from a KDP administrator while he was in Southern Kurdistan to prepare anti-PKK articles. According to information provided by the Asylum Bureau official C.R., Sayan also presented several documents on his ties with the MİT.

In court, Sayan also spoke in detail about being assigned to countries like Eastern Kurdistan, Switzerland and Russia. The court board will hear from the police officer who took Sayan’s statement in the next session of the hearing.