The war in Manbij can draw in all international powers

The war in Manbij has the potential to draw in all international powers. The resistance of Manbij Military Council fighters is what can change the result of this war.

Manbij has recently experienced the most violent day of clashes since the attacks of the Turkish state and affiliate Syrian National Coalition (SNC) affiliated gang groups had begun. After the liberation of Manbij, Turkish warplanes had bombarded the town. Turkish soldiers and SNC gangs now use heavy weaponry in their attacks. The fact that the groups that attack Manbij are the Turkish state, SNC gangs and ISIS gang groups shows that there is a dirty alliance at play here.


The Turkish state and affiliate gang groups have been attacking the villages of Osecli, Yılanlı, Kavaklı, Ulaşlı, Sebweran and Sheikh Nasır 20 km to the west of Manbij and the town of Arima 24-29 km to the west of Manbij for the past two weeks. The Turkish army uses warplanes, artillery, missiles and soldiers whereas SNC gangs use heavy weaponry during their attacks on Manbij Military Council fighters in Manbij. ISIS gangs carry out similar attacks in coordination with the Turkish state and SNC gangs.


The Turkish state and affiliate gang groups are trying to expand their occupation of Jarablus and al Rai with their attacks on Arima and the villages to the west of Manbij, and are targeting the Shehba towns of Bab and Manbij. With this goal, they have been bombarding and shelling many villages and houses around Manbij. The recklessness of these groups is an indicator of their collapse.

When we examine the results of the attacks over the past 2 weeks, we see that Manbij Military Council fighters inflicted heavy blows against Turkish soldiers and SNC gangs. Despite the warplanes, Manbij Military Council fighters have not retreated. In the face of the MMC fighters’ resistance, SNC gangs are faced with a psychological and mental collapse, and either surrender or take out their uniforms as they flee the battlefield.


When we asked Manbij Military Council commander Mıstefa Manbij about the psychological condition of Turkish soldiers and SNC gang groups, he said " Turkish soldiers and SNC gangs don’t have the strength to fight and win the war on land or in the air. In order to win, they have to trample over our bodies with tanks."

When we examine the background of the fight that is taking place in Manbij between Manbij Military Council and Turkish soldiers SNC gangs, we see that SNC gangs had handed the town over to ISIS 3 years ago. We had reported on the war from a different area then, and witnessed that the SNC gangs supported by Turkey have an ideological and organic connection to ISIS gangs.

Many of the SNC gangs had joined the ranks of ISIS and turned their weapons against the people of Manbij and SNC groups. In the face of ISIS advances, the SNC had retreated and finally handed over the town to ISIS. Manbij Military Council was established to respond to Manbij people’s cries for help, and liberated the town from ISIS with the help of SDF forces, as they understood how the gangs threatened the interests of Manbij’s residents and the values of humanity.

Despite this reality and the several YPG General Command announcements declaring that YPG forces retreated from the town, the Turkish state used the excuse of YPG/YPJ and SDF presence in the town and coordinated provocative land and aerial attacks on Manbij Military Council fighters to the north of Manbij.


When we ask the residents of Manbij their opinions on this issue, they say "We don’t want the Turkish state, which failed to protect us and left us to the mercy of the gangs, on our land. It is the Manbij Military Council that protects us and creates the conditions for peoples’ coexistence.

Despite the Turkish state’s threats, attacks and provocations, Kurdish, Arab, Circassian, Turkmen, Assyrian and other peoples and faith groups have been living in peace and without fear for the past 3 months after Operation Liberate Manbij, which had been launched on June 1. With their operation, Manbij Military Council and SDF forces undoubtedly created this peaceful environment where peoples live together and are protected with sacrifice.

Manbij Military Council commander Mıstefa Manbij stated that they have been repelling the attacks of Turkish soldiers and SNC gangs over the past 2 weeks, and said "The war in Manbij has direct effects on people’s lives here. The people of Manbij, tribal leaders and respected members of the society do not want the Turkish state and SNC gangs on their land. People ask for the enhancement of the resistance against occupation and attacks."


Mıstefa Minbic adds the following: “Even if the Turkish state and SUK gangs escalate the war even more and carry out random attacks by mortars, tanks, artilleries and fighter jets, we will answer the people’s demand and increase the resistance.”

Looking at the background of the invasion attempts and attacks by the Turkish state and the SUK gangs, we can easily see there are powers that want to have influence in the region.

We should underline that the Turkish state’s foundation on the denial and annihilation of the Kurdish people and Erdoğan’s Ottoman sultan dreams have been torn down with Kobanê, destroyed with Manbij and will soon be buried in history in Raqqa.

The Turkish state’s plans with barbaric gang groups like ISIS and SUK have failed, and they want to continue their war against the people of Rojava and Northern Syria with new tactics.

Manbij has clearly shown that at the heart of the Turkish state’s relationship started with Russia and continued with Iran in the recent months with this goal in mind lies animosity against Rojava. Because, as all are aware, ISIS and SUK gangs have no more fight left in them, they have fallen weak, and thus the Turkish state has no chance for success from the air and the ground.

As such, in the war of the last two weeks, 37 gang members were killed just the other day, and dozens have fled the fronts in disguise.

Especially after the victory in Manbij, the Turkish state has apparently reached some agreements over Rojava and Northern Syria with countries like the US, Russia and Iran with whom they launched meetings and diplomatic efforts.


But this must not be forgotten: This war has a character that can pull all international powers in. It is clear that the outcome of the war will be determined by the line of resistance presented by the Manbij Military Assembly fighters up to date.

Let’s state one more time that as the agreements made over Kurds and libertarian peoples’ forces have failed to survive, this dirty alliance and war will not have a chance either. The Manbij Military Council fighters have become one with the people and believe resistance will bring victory to their core - and have increased the struggle on this basis.